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This is about the 6 creepypastas I originally thought of out of jokes, but I then turned it into something I wanted to work on for awhile, so I decided to spread it around and get people ideas about it. Now, be warned, all of these creepypastas have a extremely gory way of killing, and if your sensitive to that kind of stuff, you might not want to read it as it says stuff like it and it can make you imagine what it looks like, and I wouldn't want anyone throwing up as you're reading.

Please tell me your opinion on them :) Thanks!

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So, as you have already read, I thought of these creepypastas for shits and giggles but I really got into it and started adding loads more to it. I really wanted to let all my fantasies about it out, so I wanted to go on here and write about it. Anyways, this is going to explain who all of them are, their backstories, appearance, personality, things like that.

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This is kind of how I look like in real life, anime style.

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